First post of the year! I nearly missed January oops…

Been very ill lately but thats what happens with morning sickness sadly (lovely puking and fatigue!) so now I am squarely in my second trimester I have my energy back and feeling productive today I realised some of my illustrations i was selling mainly for the most part had plain white backgrounds and very bland… so I decided to have a bit of fun with them! (feeling colourful)

Hope you like them




p.s. availble to purchase in prints and stuff here

Clarins Prodige Illuminating Blush

clarins bronzer

This is the last beauty product illustration I swear!





What a productive day!

I have been up since since been to work, came home did some housework, started preparation for tea, had lunch and baked some muffins. Now I am back to do some more work

I’m on a roll!

Here’s an illustration I did yesterday (I did 2 yesterday) this is my favourite beauty product illustration so far, I think I am getting better at them!



I’m an Apple Fan

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Well heres another illustration! I know it doesn’t look like an illustration but I assure you it is!

I am currently working on an exciting new project (will show you when it’s finished, I think it’s pretty cool) and I needed a to illustrate an iPhone and iPad for it, quite a handy illustration to have in your back pocket really.

As you can see I am redesigning my logo, and once I have finished with this project I will be filtering it out across my various domains so there will be a few changes happening soon.

have a good weekend!