First post of the year! I nearly missed January oops…

Been very ill lately but thats what happens with morning sickness sadly (lovely puking and fatigue!) so now I am squarely in my second trimester I have my energy back and feeling productive today I realised some of my illustrations i was selling mainly for the most part had plain white backgrounds and very bland… so I decided to have a bit of fun with them! (feeling colourful)

Hope you like them




p.s. availble to purchase in prints and stuff here


Tudor Dolly


Happy saturday night! My saturday nights usually compose of watching crap telly (I don’t like clubs… I used to when I was single now I just get bored)

Anyway because I just can’t sit still and watch telly I have to multi task tonight I decided to work on this that I drew up last night and its a first for me because I designed the dress, and I have never done that before!

I absolutely love Tudor style dresses especially the corset top, I feel a shame this style isn’t used anymore because it’s especially flattering if you’re not gifted with a flat stomach. Anyway its the big full skirts that feel especially heavy so I decided to give it a light tutu skirt with lots of layers.

here a little gif so you can see where I want it to sparkle


Hope you like it