Fashion Illustration - Cara Delevingne

Hello again! well this is really been quite a while and I do apologise I have been moving house and then I fell ill and this illustration has taken me about a week, so when all that is going on a month does just fly by!

Anyway I am back to new illustrations now so I thought I would warm up with a Cara Delevingne illustration

Hope you like it



Available to buy here


Last of the colour mission

Fashion Illustration Illustration

Hey guys!

Last post adding colour to existing illustrations I promise, will be focusing on new illustrations over the next 2 weeks but I won’t be able to publish them as I won’t have any Internet 😦

Anyway heres my Matt Smith and my Daphne Groeneveld



Touch of colour

Fashion Illustration Fashion Illustration

more Colour




Fashion Illustration

Barbara will always mean Palvin to me



11th Doctor

doctor who illustration

Who loves Doctor who?? Becky lurves Doctor who. Is it true? Ummm hmmm, I do, I do, I do-oooo.

I also happen to love orange soda ;p

I spent the last 3 days working on this illustration and I couldn’t decide which version i liked best so I am posting them all and letting you decide.

1st we have simple matt smith

matt smith

2nd we have Matt smith on a black and white star field, never made a star field before it was fun but took me a while to get the hang of it!

matt smith colour

and thirdly we have it again in colour, I think I prefer the black and white one because it really makes the sonic screwdriver pop.

Anyway as I couldn’t decide between them I put them all in my shop on society 6 (click here)

Have a great weekend folks!



Happy Easter!




Ahhh…What’ up doc?

I am being proactive and doing my easter post early… Well in fact I hadn’t even planned on doing a easter illustration at all this was all based on a whim seeing as I have never done one before.

Well I am going to be busy this easter weekend so no drawing tomorrow but still I’m back in work on monday though 😦 so I will probably start a new drawing for you then

Happy easter every one!



Amy Pond


Amy Pond

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