Last of the colour mission

Fashion Illustration Illustration

Hey guys!

Last post adding colour to existing illustrations I promise, will be focusing on new illustrations over the next 2 weeks but I won’t be able to publish them as I won’t have any Internet 😦

Anyway heres my Matt Smith and my Daphne Groeneveld




Violent Tent, 2010

Violent tent, 2010

Violent Tent, 2010 My work is based around an essay focusing on the subject of domestic violence by Helen Crabtree, a postgraduate student here at UCLAN, whose essay was included in UCLAN’s undergraduate research journal Diffusion (‘Love turned angry’: an … Continue reading

Journey, 2009

Journey, 2008

 Journey, 2009 This was developed over an idea of artistically recording a journey or movement. Here I have a cardboard box filled with ink, beads, nuts, balls, buttons etc and then the box os closed and shook to reveal a … Continue reading

Travels of the Tiny Tent, 2010

Tiny Tent goes to... Mouth

Travels of the Tiny Tent, 2010 Inspired by my ventures down the origami tent route and I had my set of tent nets already fully formed, I developed a “series” chronicling the adventures of a hypothetical miniature person who camps … Continue reading

The Tent, 2011

The Tent, 2011

The Tent, 2011 This piece is based around the concept of escapism, childhood daydreams and the natural environment. This installation reverses the environmental context by placing the natural world inside a tent-like object, subverting the traditional opposition between the safety … Continue reading