Daughter of Smoke and Bone

fan art illustration fan art illustration

Hello I’m sorry I have been AWOL the past week, I have been on somewhat of a reading bender and strained my eyes a bit :/

But what I did manage to do was finish the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series and the Mortal Instruments, so I decided to do some more Fan Art.

Mortal Instruments has a lot of people doing fan art for it (I’m not because I prefer the infernal instruments characters but I did LOVE the books) but ever since I finished ‘Dreams of Gods and Monsters’ I had the idea for this concept of my mind, Karou and Akiva’s hands clasped showing both the marks that show each character for what they are.

So if you haven’t read the DoSaB series go do it Now! (its pretty awesome but you will go missing for about a week while your reading it)



Available as a print! (click here)


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