Hello again!

Eurghh so tired I can’t wait to lie down on the sofa for 5 minutes before I have to go back out again… oh well!

Here’s my libra Illustration, god this one was so hard to decide what to do for it… My little sister is a libra so if the scales represent hormonal imbalance they certainly got it right, but other than that errant thought I was completely lost how to interpret scales into an illustration, Girls on scales? Done. Girl holding scales? Done. So then I went on pinterest (closet case inspiration I call it) and saw a picture of a hipster guy with loads of tattoos and a beard, and figured why does it have to be a girl? Plus some of these hipster guys are really good looking in a weird way (can’t put my finger on why though)

Anyway I put together my reference image and started sketching away! It was fun I don’t get to draw many guys in my line of work, should probably start doing more guys ;p

5 horoscopes down… 7 to go



Available to buy here in all sorts of funky stuff 


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