Experiencing technical difficulties


Sorry for the absense!

I’m not neglecting my duties I promise, but flaming hell what a week!

My trusty 5 year old mac may be heading to the motherboard in the sky, it’s done well to get up until this point, but by god its going very SLOWLY…. not with the internet or anything thats all fine, but using finder or photoshop its starting to pack up, thats why I decided to back it up, it’s the only sensible thing to do right?

How wrong I was.

Using time machine, and my portable hard drive I decided to back up my computer properly, I mean all my files are on the hard drive but not a proper back up of the computer so I turned on time machine, only the damn thing said it was going to take 8 DAYS. Deciding that 8 days leaving my mac on is only going to end in the thing tripping out from over heating I cancelled it.

That’s when it all went to hell.

Somehow through the magic of my iMac it reformatted my hard drive into it’s original state and no longer showed up on my computer, when I got it to show up it then became read only. A little bit of a problem for me to be able to continue saving all my photoshop files on there. So I had to move all my files OFF the hard drive onto my computer (thats only took about 8 hours) and then erase and reformat it (apparently theres no other way to reformat a hard drive without erasing all its contents) so now I’m in the process of moving all my files back and its taking SO LONG. I am on day 4 of moving my ‘Pictures’ folder (34 gb) and I haven’t even started on my music yet (well over a 100GB that could well take a month!)

Why is it taking so damn long?!?!? I spent a whole day trying to get around the estimated 6 days wait but couldn’t so now I am stuck waiting to do any work on here (I daren’t open photoshop right now, that huge program could kill it)

anyway heres a pic of what I am working on right now, just waiting for my mac to hold its end of the bargain now.




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