Sarah’s Style Statement

Sarahs Style Statement

Yey its thursday again!

Heres a blog banner I did for the fashion and beauty blog Sarah’s Style Statement, (go check her out guys she’s pretty awesome)

She wanted a new banner to update her blog that had illustrations around her blogs name and seeing as she quite liked my previous illustrations of Chanel perfume and nail varnish I decided to add them in there whilst adding the lipstick and and Louboutin just for her, I quite the effect it had, it would work quite well as print. Anyway i am glad to say she was thrilled with it! I also made her a email banner, resized it to fit Facebook and twitter and added a small signature image for her to put on the end of blog posts, she even did a blog post about how pleased she was with it.  (see here)

You can also check out Sarah here on Facebook and twitter

Twitter: @sstatement


Chin up folks its nearly Friday!




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