Dior Lipstick

Dior lipstick copy

Happy Thursday!

Thursday may not be a happy day for you but Thursdays are my Fridays at my part-time job so… it’s thursday whoop!

Sadly though working doesn’t stop there for me but illustrating really doesn’t feel like work at all, instead of clock watching I glance at it in amazement because my entire day went without my noticing (or lunch, then I go gobble leftovers in my kitchen, nom nom nom)

So here’s what I have been working on this afternoon, I am currently working through a pile of sketches that are half done but on the plus side I have now completed the*need to edit* pile. I saved this lipstick until last.

I’m not really much of a lipstick person I tend to put it on and think I look like a clown, it could be that my lips are already dark in the first place or I just haven’t found my “colour” or maybe its the fact someone once said I had a weird shaped mouth, it’s a mystery.

Although not a lipstick girl I really enjoyed drawing this and i hope you guys enjoy it too.




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