Chanel Noir

Chanel Noir

That’s right, 4 days 4 illustrations!

Busy little bee lately! I thought this week I would concentrate on accessories makeup etc just to mix things up a bit. Also I find technical drawing like this oddly soothing… It’s very methodical, probably appeals to my organised side (or OCD as my family calls it)

I have to admit I am not really a perfume girl on a daily basis and I tend to only wear it on special occasions and weekends. When I do wear perfume though I love it. I can’t stop sniffing myself! I really like Boss orange (though I have ran out) I tend to prefer floral/fruity smells so unfortunately that means I don’t own any Chanel perfume, I absolutely love it’s iconic design but to be honest it’s just a bit too musky/clinical for me. Such a shame since it would be the only thing of Chanel I could actually afford! Nevermind I have this… I may print it for my office, I’m quite proud of this.

Anyway hope you like my perfume bottle, its available to buy here




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