Amelia’s Magazine

Sun pm Crinkly dress by Rebecca Elliston

Happy Monday!

Heres an illustration I did a couple of weeks ago for Amelia’s Magazine (read full post here) but I forgot to post about it after her blog post went up… OOPS! Sorry folks!

So anyway go check it out and the other designers and illustrators featured!

EDIT: This is a illustration based on work by the designer Seung youn Lee & The Bite Back Movement called Dr.Gentle and Mr.Man go check out their website





One thought on “Amelia’s Magazine

  1. Hi! This is Seung youn Lee from Raw Talent fashion show participant designer. I found your drawing from other website ( Amelia’s Magazine) and they leaded me to come here! I didn’t know that you draw my work. thanks for the draw my work! it would be great if you can credit as: Dr.Gentle and Mr.Man by Seung youn Lee &The Bite Back Movement. or write my website: thanks! 🙂

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