Wild Deer

Wild Deer

Heres my… I’m not sure what it is. Its a creature I have made up because apparently there is no word for a lion, deer, lady. Who knew? Can you think of one?

Anyway this came around from a list of ideas I have to get through, but it was actualised thanks to Birdy & Me I read this post on how she does her illustrations, most of it was somewhat the same as most illustrators except how she creates her concepts. See first she uses photoshop to create a reference image she wants first and then draws it. I honestly have no idea how this idea never occurred to me before! It means I can create images without flipping back and forth between a bunch of pictures on my IPad! Its brilliant this way I get the image I want and to do a quick fix if it doesn’t quite work and use something else. Yeah it takes a little while to do the reference image (about 15 mins) but its so worth it especially if you want realistic results when you draw them. My other method was very 50/50. My drawings should improve now!

So back to what I have drawn here, I had this idea for a Sagittarius picture to have antlers for eyebrows (everyone does them in the hair or as hoods and I wanted to do something different) but when I added big hair I couldn’t resist going for a full on MANE. Hope you like it!

Thanks for the tip Birdy!



This is available to buy here


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