My Favourite Illustrators #3

Bella_Harris_Cry_Watercolor_Copyright. jpg (1)

Heres Bella Harris AKA Vintage Lollipops

This here is a proper mixed media queen, although everything she does is by hand! Charcoal, acrylics, pencils she isn’t afraid of any of them!

I have to say my utter favourites are when she goes really basic black and white photo realistic drawings like this

Bella_Harris-Art x DailyLook Ring (5)

Thats so beautiful. I honestly don’t know how she doesn’t go cross eyed drawing in thats much detail (or maybe I just need to go to the opticians?)

Bella_Harris_Face Mapping

Most of her work though is like this her concepts are always really inventive and colourful

Bella_Harris_Art_The girl and a Fox_In progress

still prefer this though….

Bella_Harris_Art Photography_ Grace contemplation

…and this


Check out her blog 




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