My Favourite Illustrators #2

Kelly Smith AKA Birdy & Me

Oh my God has this been a long time in the making! I have had this in my head to do for a while now and haven’t had chance to finally get round to finishing it.

So heres the extremely talented Kelly Smith AKA Birdy & Me. I think you will all agree with me that the quality of her work is simply impeccable I only wish some day that I will be producing work half as good as this.

Heres me favourite pieces of hers that I want to share with you.

Kelly Smith

This is is just amazing! I love how she made her look like a lion, stunning.

Kelly Smith

This reminds of that old AbbA song “Marionette” (I’m only 25 I promise ;P) every time I see this I start humming it

Kelly Smith

To put it quite simply. Beautiful.

Don’t you just LOVE these? I am definitely going to be buying some prints for my future office (I currently work out of my living room, on the plus side I am right next to the telly)

go check out her blog here if you love her as much as I do




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