Diary #3!

20130201-163729.jpgI know, I know I said this was “coming soon” but I have had a good reason. I’ve been ill 😦 but seeing as today I only gagged a little bit this morning I decided to just get on with my day, it can get so dull being sick (vomiting and nausea aside). I also realised what was indeed waiting for me was a whole load of chores, it seems Mr Lazy decided doing the dishes was the perfect get better present. TUT! anyway I just up this morning and decided to make cookies, try a new hairstyle (it did NOT work) and finish an illustration which I can’t show you for a few weeks but at least I have these AMAZEBALL cookies. (recipe here)

Mitton hall

So good news we have found our wedding venue! Hopefully we will be able to book it in a week or so properly (we have it provisionally booked but waiting for funds) So hopefully that will be booked, I know all of our family will be relieved (engaged for 5 years, the parents are getting a little restless about it) the place is so pretty! It’s just perfect. So that’s one resolution nearly ticked off!

Speaking of resolutions my Anti-Diet is working well for me! I have lost 7 pounds this month! Really pleased because when I have lost weight on diets in the past I have just lost water not actual fat but this time it’s for real. The only thing I seem to be falling down on is working, I need to organise my time better, it’s just that I haven’t got a whole lot of free time coming up! I have so many things planned this month I don’t know whether I am coming or going, but I will try to keep up with these posts!I will also try to do a quick illustration to go with them, give me a weekly challenge to do.

Anyway I have rambled on enough for now

see you soon!




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