New Year’s Resolutions!

2013 New year!

Ok so its January 4th but lets not be discouraged by silly things like dates! To be honest though I think I have only just gotten over my hang over and I think New Year only really starts when you get to real life and feel a bit normal again. (no more mid day naps to recover!)

Now if you read my very last blog post for GOFA I actually kept my new years resolution last year! I think that’s probably the very first time I managed to follow through with a resolution I normally write them down (I forget otherwise) look at them about christmas and realise that I really didn’t keep up it. I think I finally managed to know why though. I didn’t really WANT too. Not deep down anyway, or with any real conviction. If I really wanted to do them I would have done them like last year, it was something I REALLY wanted and I wanted it to last.

So here are my New Year Resolutions 2013!

  1. Get My Wedding Booked
  2. Lose My Unemployed Loser Weight
  3. Make up New Fliers To Send Out
  4. Go On The Anti-Diet
  5. Make My Blog A More Bloggy Place To Be

Well I don’t think that’s too bad is it? The first one will be easy to do as I am STILL waiting for a reply about availability, (read about my wedding plans here) it’s getting a little ridiculous now and we are seriously considering just booking somewhere else. I will make a deal with the universe here, availability before the end of january or book somewhere else!

Number 2… Ahh losing weight, doesn’t every girl want that? Before last year when I started illustration I was unemployed and my weight piled on faster in that year than 5 years at uni (5 years I put on a stone and in one year I put on another 12 pounds!) I guess I didn’t notice so much because I got out of the habit of weighing myself and because I am tall I guess it took me longer to notice what I was doing to myself. As you may have guessed already this has been a popular resolution over the past 3 years now, I always failed and I think a reason it didn’t work is because diet food SUCKS. You feel like you are giving up delicious food for flavourless mush.

Well does this look like flavourless mush?!?!!

dairyfree icecream Shrimp Salsa - 5 P1080826

This my dears is from the Londoner the inventor of the Anti-Diet! This is a blog I have been following for well over a year now and this girl is just awesome! This isn’t a diet, or a fad, it’s full of common sense and good advice! I started this a christmas week (so it wasn’t such a shock on new years day) and following this I have lost 2 pounds! Not too shabby eh? I seriously trust this girl she’s skinny but a serious FOODIE. She has TONS of great recipes (I pretty much pinned every one) If you want a lifestyle change for the better GO CHECK HER OUT! You’ll love her.

And last but not least ‘a more bloggy blog’. Well my blog has done well for me this year, but I think it’s quite one-dimensional. I tend to post an illustration add a sentence or two and done. Anyone on here would think me a quiet person, but that is not really who I am (as you can probably tell by this post once I get going it’s hard to shut me up!) and I think my blog could use some more personality!

So here’s me getting started on my way to what I think may be a BIG year!




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