Diary #2

Swan room

Its been another week and no posts! Whilst I am sorry for that, i have been having a great time this last week!

Me and Ryan went down to Stratford Upon Avon this weekend to go look at wedding venues, (we have been engaged for 5 years now so very exciting we are finally planning it!).

Ryan has always loved shakespeare so every year we go to the RSC theatre in Stratford so we couldn’t think of anywhere else we would want to get married and I am in love with the swan room (above) isn’t that beautiful? I love that window its where we are having the ceremony (fingers crossed) and the picture doesn’t do it justice the room is amazing!

Swan bar

Here is one of the bars where guests will have drinks beforehand the whole theatre is so beautifully done I cant wait to get it booked! Exciting!

Birthday bow cake

Also yesterday was my youngest sisters birthday (she has just turned 16) and I thought I would make her a cake and I have never made one before! Luckily it turned out well! I made everything from scratch including the marshmallow fondant, I hate regular icing fondant (super sickly) so when I saw this recipe here its really look the icing just tastes like marshmallow and you can make it much thinner has normal fondant. The cake inside was almond sponge and was SUPPOSED to be pink. The batter was bright pink when I made it but it just looked a slighter darker cake colour when it came out, anyone know what happened there? :/

Anyway thats my second ever diary post for you!



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