My Illustration in En Vie Magazine!!

This actually went live yesterday but I didn’t realise as my app hadn’t updated yet and I didn’t think to check the actual online magazine… What a pleb I am!

My illustration in En Vie -  fashion illustration

So here’s my illustration in a magazine! I’m so excited! I had a little article written about me that I wasn’t expecting at all but was a very pleasant surprise! So I would like to take a minute to says thanks to Gerd, Esperanza and Edward at En Vie for the great opportunity, it looks brill! I have linked the above picture to the magazine for you guys to check it out,  it’s completely free so click here and get reading. En Vie is also available to download on the app store on iTunes and that’s free too so get downloading and check it out!

If you want to see my issue, the image below is linked directly to it, issue 7 – July 2012.

My illustration! Fashion illustration


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