Whose the Fairest of Them All?

fashion Illustration - Snow white

To be perfectly honest I never really liked Snow White that much, I think its because the character was supposed to be really beautiful but she wasn’t really in the film, she did pave the way for all the other disney princesses though so for that I guess she deserves my respect.


3 thoughts on “Whose the Fairest of Them All?

  1. think u have misunderstood the concept of snow white.. who is the fairest, would then my love be the whitest of them all.. not the most beautiful but the fairest… hence , pure and white as snow…

    • Hmm did some research and in the original story until the age of 7 the mirror didn’t name her the fairest of the land because she hadn’t become more beautiful (she would still have been pale though) but in them days being pale was the height of beauty (because a tan was associated with the working class who did manual labour outside) so were both technically right but she didn’t just kill her because she was pale, she could just of locked her out the castle on a summers day

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