My Process

fashion illustration - process

A couple of people have asked me lately how I do my pictures (literally only a couple but seeing as there’s only a handful of you people out there who ever see these it’s like most of you asking) so I am just going to go through it and hopefully it will be interesting.

1. Sketch

fashion illustration - sketchOk as you can see The first thing you do is a sketch, now don’t be afraid to use references I use them ALL THE TIME. Some people I think get a little proud, like they should produce an anatomically correct person on the first go straight from their imagination. It takes YEARS to be able to do that, and I mean decades of drawing from references so until then if you want a person to do a pose research what that pose looks like. A scientist can’t come up with a cure without doing the research first can he? Exactly. Anyway this is your very first stage just do a sketch it doesn’t have to be perfect! (Spot the 10 different flaws above if you don’t believe me) if you have trouble doing faces (I have trouble with profiles) here’s a little tip I learnt ‘draw it upside down’ sounds nuts but it really distances yourself from what your drawing and helps you see a nose as a variation of lines and not a nose. (did that make any sense?)

2. Take a photograph

VERY IMPORTANT! I find i can be drawing and I can’t see the flaws in it until I’m done because I am too close to it to see it objectively. So my solution is to take a photograph then I can see it how others will.

3. Tweaks

fashion illustration - tweaks

Ahh much better! Fixed all those pesky problems the first picture had and I am ready for the next stage

4. Inking and Rubbing

fashion illustration - Inking and rubbing

The easiest bit here just ink in and rubbing out all those pesky pencil lines.

5. Shading the Eyes

fashion illustration - shading the eyes

Heres my signature bit about the eyes so I do that here and any other bits that need colouring in

6. Shading

fashion illustration - shading

Just shading in the lats bits where the shadows fall on them.

7. Scanning

Now I just scan straight into my computer my scanner isn’t brilliant and after I get my first client I am definitely going to be buying a new one (or food) after that I adjust the levels in Photoshop and use the sponge tool (for some reason my scanner tends to add a bit of red) and the burn tool to dark up areas.

8. Colour in

fashion illustration - process

the I colour in add textures and I’m done! It seems like a long process but it isn’t really about 3 hours tops. So for the mildly curious here you are! (almost feel like going TA DA!!) i think I still got a bit of tweaking before I will get the perfect picture (hands are letting me down) but I will always keep trying


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