Wheres My Rubber?!?


I hate it when I lose things.. well actually thats not true because I am not losing them they are being moved by R or by my crazed cat Tovey. I seem to have lost all my rubbers (or erasers to you across the pond) so I cant rub out my pencil lines, I guess this illustration has to wait a while. Hmm… I think crazy kitty has the majority of the blame here he does have a fondness for hiding small things…


Who Me?

Tut tut naughty kitty. Tut Tut indeed!



What is a Drawing? 2007

what is a drawing?

What is a Drawing? 2007 This project established around the artists work Louise Hopkins work, where she drew a crumpled up piece of paper on a flat sheet and I found this very impressing. I developed from this idea to … Continue reading

Golden Ticket, 2009

Golden Ticket, 2009

Golden Ticket, 2009. For my Image, Text Narrative project I decided I wanted to send a message out into the world and decided to take inspiration from Sara Watson who sent a hot air balloon up last year for this … Continue reading