Hello again!

Eurghh so tired I can’t wait to lie down on the sofa for 5 minutes before I have to go back out again… oh well!

Here’s my libra Illustration, god this one was so hard to decide what to do for it… My little sister is a libra so if the scales represent hormonal imbalance they certainly got it right, but other than that errant thought I was completely lost how to interpret scales into an illustration, Girls on scales? Done. Girl holding scales? Done. So then I went on pinterest (closet case inspiration I call it) and saw a picture of a hipster guy with loads of tattoos and a beard, and figured why does it have to be a girl? Plus some of these hipster guys are really good looking in a weird way (can’t put my finger on why though)

Anyway I put together my reference image and started sketching away! It was fun I don’t get to draw many guys in my line of work, should probably start doing more guys ;p

5 horoscopes down… 7 to go



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Happy Easter!




Ahhh…What’ up doc?

I am being proactive and doing my easter post early… Well in fact I hadn’t even planned on doing a easter illustration at all this was all based on a whim seeing as I have never done one before.

Well I am going to be busy this easter weekend so no drawing tomorrow but still I’m back in work on monday though :( so I will probably start a new drawing for you then

Happy easter every one!





  Happy Tuesday! I have always liked Tuesday’s I think they are an underrated day of the week. It also happens to be usually my most productive day! I finished this gemini picture today so thats 4 horoscopes down and … Continue reading

Cancer (horoscope)


Well this is late in the week!

I don’t know how but having a week off my part time job has made me more busy not less!

Anyway this is my next horoscope illustration of Cancer the crab (can you spot the crab?)

I hope next week will be more productive for me



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Well this is a bittersweet moment for me!!

As you can see I got re-grammed on Instagram by Miss DELEVINGNE herself!! 115,000 is not something to scoff at! On the absolute opposite and the crap fest that is my life I did not get the credit! The person who did all the hard work (me) was left out of the credit and the person who took a screenshot and regrammed me but didn’t credit me as artist got all the credit.

It’s rather unique to be this visible and this invisible at the same time




Leo Grr!

Fashion Illustration


A late post this week!

Been working a lot over the past few days so I am a little behind, you will have to forgive me.

So this is my second horoscope Illustration (Im sure you can guess which one) I used cara delevingne for this one as cara loves lions and she has the perfect face for it.

Hope you like it